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Lionel’s Gradall Service LTD. has a fleet of Gradall’s and supporting equipment at our disposal.  With XL 4100 tire Gradall’s, our track XL 5200 Gradall, tandem dump trucks, a compactor and a Case 440 Skid Steer, we can accommodate many different sized projects. 

Gradall XL4100.jpg

XL 4100 Tire Gradall

Our XL4100 Gradall’s excel in a wide range of applications.  Equipped with a powerful hydraulic system, Gradall’s boast substantial mechanical advantage in each stage of boom positioning.  With a rotating boom reaching out 25 feet, lifting up to 10,600 pounds, we have the ability to adapt to diverse tasks.


The XL4100 Series is a highly capable excavator, thriving versatility.  Being highway legal, these machines are highly mobile, eliminating costly moving fees while increasing response time, efficiency and productivity.  This ultimately translates to cost savings for our clients. 


Our extensively experienced operators can excavate over 22 feet deep, coupled with a diverse selection of attachments for each application.  


XL 5200 Track Gradall

Our XL5200 Gradall is the biggest excavator made by Gradall.  This Gradall is the closest to a conventional excavator but holds the added bonus of the rotating 220° boom and robust high flow hydraulics.  


No project or scope is too extensive for the advantage and precision of this Gradall.  Featuring 33 feet of boom reach,12,500 pounds of lifting capabilities and the stability of the tracks, this machine can effortlessly power its way through any job with ease and accuracy. 


With the telescoping boom and rotation, the big power can easily grade to fine tolerance without needing to add more equipment or man power.  We believe that if the added cost of moving equipment to your job site is needed, it should be offset with the efficiency of a fully capable machine.  All while maintaining our precision in the process. 



We make ourselves available 24/7, 365 days a year. 

We prioritize accessibility and responsiveness to all of our clients needs.  We are poised to meet and exceed your expectations.  Trust us to handle your projects with the utmost professionalism and expertise.  Contact us with any project, big or small.  


"Lionel's Gradall displays solid application of value management into our projects including unique solutions to issues and resident interaction."
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