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Since 1989, Lionel’s Gradall Service LTD. has proudly been serving Sturgeon County and the surrounding area.  The Lionel’s Gradall advantage is local and family run, with now the third generation of family ownership.  We take pride in accomplishing any size of job, with a strong attention to detail and quality of work, in the most timely and cost effective manner.  We believe in completing projects we can stand behind 100% and using suppliers who do the same.  



Lionel’s Gradall has a fleet of Gradall’s at our disposal.  With two XL 4100 tire Gradall’s, a track XL 5200 Gradall, a Mack tandem truck, and a Case 440 Skid Steer, we can accommodate many different sized projects.  

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XL 4100 Tire Gradall

The tire Gradall’s main advantage is it’s mobility.  Being highway legal, we can drive to a site, finish the project, and drive away with no costly moving fees.  The tire Gradall’s thrive versatility, making no project too small to accomplish.  This is where conventional excavators may be limited.  In most situations, the given project can be completed with the same cost most people need to pay in just getting the required equipment to site.  


XL 5200 Track Gradall

Our track Gradall is the closest to a conventional excavator but with the added bonus of the rotating boom and high power.  On larger jobs, we can take advantage of the precision of the Gradall boom and the stability of the tracks.  The XL 5200 Gradall is the biggest excavator made by Gradall.  With it’s high flow hydraulics and thirty-three feet of boom, this machine can effortlessly power it’s way through any big job with ease.  With the telescoping boom and rotation, the big power can easily cut grade and landscape to fine tolerance without needing to add more equipment or man power.  We believe that if the added cost of moving equipment to your job site is needed, it should be offset with the efficiency of a fully capable machine.  All while maintaining our precision in the process. 



We make ourselves available 24/7, 365 days a year. 

Contact us with any project, big or small.  We work with you to develop a finished product you can be proud of. 


DENIS TRAHAN - Owner/Operator

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