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With a mobile excavator, any amount of drainage or trenching needs can be tackled with precise efficiency and with the most cost-effective machine available.  Having the mobility of a vehicle and the power of an excavator, the high cost of moving equipment to site can be put towards the project.  Thus, keeping cost low. 


With the Gradall’s rotating boom, fine and meticulous work can be done promptly with one machine.  Our fleet of in-house tandem services aids in the import and/or removal of materials.  With our laser level equipment, we can make sure your yard or site drains in the most efficient way.  With little time needed for survey, a great understanding of how much material will need to be moved, and how long the project will take, Lionel’s Gradall Service LTD. ensures additional cost savings for the customer. 


Our expertise in a wide range of excavation techniques, extends to all aspects of drainage including ditching, trenching, culvert installation, and beaver dam removals.  At Lionel’s Gradall Service LTD. we understand the importance of these services in laying the groundwork for successful construction projects and environmental conservation efforts alike.

Ditching and Trenching: Creating Pathways for Progress

Ditching and trenching are fundamental playing a crucial role in various industries, from construction to agriculture.  Whether for drainage, irrigation, utility installation, land access and beyond.  With meticulous attention to detail and a focus on efficiency, we ensure that every ditch and trench is excavated to the highest standards, setting the stage for seamless project progression.

Drainage - Ditching.HEIC
Centreline Culvert 2.heic

Culvert Installation: Building Bridges for Water Management

Culverts are essential structures designed to facilitate the passage of water under roads, railways, and embankments, preventing erosion and maintaining the integrity of transportation infrastructure.  Our expertise in culvert installation allows us to seamlessly integrate these structures into the landscape, ensuring optimal water flow and drainage while adhering to industry standards and regulatory requirements.  Whether installing culverts for municipal projects, agricultural drainage systems, or environmental conservation initiatives, we approach each installation with precision and care, delivering lasting results that stand the test of time.

Beaver Dam Removals: Preserving Natural Waterways

Beaver dams, while impressive feats of engineering, can pose significant challenges to water management and environmental conservation efforts. We specialize in the careful yet effective removal of beaver dams, restoring natural water flow and mitigating the risk of flooding and habitat destruction.  Our team employs proven techniques and environmentally sensitive practices to dismantle beaver dams while minimizing disruption to surrounding ecosystems. 

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